Bestfield Pt Ltd is reaching out into the community to work with organisations that support the development of healthy alternatives and foods that are suitable for all dietary requirements.  Below are some of the companies we are working with to build our brand on a global scale.


The World Association of Master Chefs (WAMC) has provided its offical endorsment to the Bestfield brand. This internaitonal organisation supports the skills and knowledge development of many thousands of chefs worldwide.  WAMC understands the need for alternative products that support healthy living and diets which requrie more diverse solutions.

WAMC officially endorsed Bestfield on the 1st November 2019



WAMC Holdings (International)

WAMC Holdings (International) is a new Warehousing and distribution centre being established in China.  The WAMC Wareshosue model allows professional customers access to products such as Bestfield's range in a local large scale warehouse facility.  Bestfield will become a product that is promoted through the warehouse and available to WAMC target customers.



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