Why is Rice Oil So Good?

Why is Rice oil so good?
Bestfield Rice Bran Cooking and Salad Oil is the most balanced and versatile oil on the market today and closest to the American Heart Association's recommendations for healthy choice in edible oil.

Bestfield Rice Bran Oil is superior for salads, cooking and frying and leaves no lingering taste. It has neither the intrusive flavour of olive oil nor the potentially allergenic properties of peanut oil.

The high smoke point (over 250˚C) prevents fatty acid breakdown, its light viscosity ensures less oil is absorbed during cooking, reducing overall calories. Rice Bran Oil reduces LDL ("bad" cholesterol) without reducing HDL ("good" cholesterol).

Ideal for:

  • deep frying and all high temperature cooking
  • salad dressings
  • mayonnaise
  • non stick baking
  • use in your kitchen with less gumming of filters and fryers.

Bestfield Rice Bran Oil "The Healthy Oil"

  • 100% Cholesterol free
  • Low in saturated fats with a good balance between mono and polyunsaturated fats
  • Contains omega 3 and omega 6
  • Contains natural plant sterols and antioxidants vitamin E and oryzanol
  • Halal certified
  • Kosher certified
  • GMO Free
  • Contains no hydrogenated oil
  • Contains no trans fats
  • High smoke point 250 C great for high temperature cooking
  • Easy to clean with less gumming of filters and frying equipment
  • Less oil is absorbed into food
  • Odourless
  • Natural light flavour
  • Versatile cooking oil

Bestfield rice bran oil "The Healthy Oil" is a multipurpose cooking oil ideal for your kitchen.

Taste the food not the oil!

Where does Rice Oil come from?

Bestfield Rice Bran Cooking and Salad Oil comes from the thin brown layer between the rice kernel and the protective hull.

It is rich in Vitamin E and contains Gamma Oryzanol, a powerful anti-oxidant.

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